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Abdullah Furkan Özbek
Abdullah Furkan Özbek

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8 Free Public APIs That you can use in side projects

1. The Open Movie Database (OMDb)

OMDb contains different kinds of movies that you can use in your projects.

  • Auth: apiKey

  • Website: 🔗 OMDb

2. Pokemon API

You would probably remember these amazing creatures that can do awesome stuff. What happens we can use them in our projects;

3. Rick & Morty API

These two characters really taught us something. Let us honor them by using inside projects.

4. Nomics Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin API

So you are interested in blockchain and want to build side projects with it. Nomic is the way to go.

5. DiceBear Avatar API

If you want to generate unique, beautiful avatars you can check out diceBear's documentation.

6. Json Placeholder API

This one is useful for filling some dummy test data to your application. It contains /posts, /comments queries that you can and it is completely free to use. Awesome!

7. New York Tİmes

Get the latest news around the world quickly, smoothly.

8. Fixer

See the current currency rate of exchange between different currencies.


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This a good collection.

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Abdullah Furkan Özbek

Thank you very much 😇