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Many things to learn

Afshar Mohebi
A work-life balance lover developer who is passionate about startups while trying to keep updated with coding trends.
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As a long-term software engineer, I've been in the habit of continuous learning. Years ago, I dropped Delphi/Pascal and, was deciding between Java path or C#. That day, I decided to drive C# road. Firstly, I developed on WinForms, later on ASP.NET Web Forms. This continued with ASP.NET MVC, Web API, Single Web Pages, JavaScript, different databases, Linux, various protocols and so on.

Well, I am not tired of learning new things. Every new technology or language I learned, became useful in the following steps. They made my work easier. But, hey, the market is still greedy for new things, even more than past. Now, I am faced with more variety of things to learn: front end technologies like React.js, Vue.js, Svelte, all kind of trending databases, various cloud platforms from Microsoft, Amazon, Google and even IBM, programming languages like Go, Python, Dart, Ruby, TypeScript and PHP, mobile platforms including Android and iOS as traditional ones and, PWA and Flutter as new trends. Not to forget practices like automated test, AI and design patterns.

Ok, I know that a single company does not use them simultaneously. However, when you change your company or when you hire new developers for your team, you may be not lucky enough to meet tech stack which is more familiar to you. Chances are that the new team uses an entire new technology practice than what ever you used to.

It's not an impossible mission to learn new technologies or methodologies. However, it's a bit overwhelming. It's a bit stressful to decide a correct priority, and keep it in your daily schedule along with other tasks.

BTW, did you noticed that the version control system has not witnessed a fundamental change in recent years? It's a long time that git has not been replaced by any competitor.

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That's interesting about git! perhaps being backed by Github and how smoothly you can manage your code there has helped too.

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Afshar Mohebi Author

Hello Shaheen, it's a long time we hadn't talk! Hope everything is OK.

Yes, git is a good friend. It has not changed in the years. Also Windows/Linux has not experienced a lot of changes. To be positive, as far as I know, Java hasn't changed a lot too.