Pair request (there, I said it)

agatamaria profile image Agata Maria ・1 min read

Hi folks :) a shy, but warm hi from me in these strange times! I'm a newbie, self-learner and really keen to pair / 'watch someone in action' ;) I'm just learning the basics, but if it's too boring for you, I'm sure a more advanced colab or watching you work on a real life project would help me greatly, and you'd get to enjoy my 100 questions and I will send you chocolate / beer / cake by post, whatever your soul requires.
I'll sign an NDAs if required.
Please DM me here or even better on twitter https://twitter.com/TalkShimmyToMe?s=09

Ta πŸ₯Ÿ ☺️

PS. Sorry if you find this shameless request too forward in any way, I'm super shy and had to cut to the chase (call it a defence mechanism). Actually serious about this :)


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This is actually a really good idea and I think a lot of beginners would benefit from doing.

We can pair program if you want, I am currently building an RPG game with my brother in React, Deno, and MongoDB. You can follow along if you want or we can just go over some basics in JavaScript if you prefer 😊


Martin :) thank you! I don't know how I missed this :) how can I contact you to bother you? ;)


Cannot DM you on here or on twitter. Followed you on twitter, feel free to DM me there if you got any questions. Am personally not working on a side-project at the moment but can definitely answer all the questions you might have :)


I think you would benefit a lot from watching the streams of Jason Lengstorf here

I know I have πŸ˜‰


Thank you I will have a look!!