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Becoming a Developer

As a Junior Developer, the first thing I wanted to do after my studies is to start new projects from scratch and have fun with it! Design, practice and learn more about JavaScript and Ember.js, but also to do something meaningful for me and interesting for people to check out!

So after doing my very first portfolio, I decided to start Becoming A Developer. A JavaScript/Ember.js project gathering stories from developers in their early years.

It's a meaningful project for me, for two reasons:

  • I used to be a Tech Recruiter for 3 years, and had 2000+ calls with developers. I was impressed with the diverse background they had! By doing this project, I continue to discover new profiles of developer šŸ˜
  • I had a lot of doubts before doing a coding bootcamp. So I started to read a lot of 'Junior dev', 'Learning programming', 'Is programming for me?' articles. So by doing this project, I would share a lot of different stories to wanna be dev, or tech curious šŸ˜„ ā¤ļø

The website is available here: Becoming A Developer

I want to share my story!

Awesome āœØ Then you can directly go to this link, and fill in the form.

I want to read stories!

Wonderful šŸŽ‰ Check out the first posts available here.

I want to share my feedback!

Thank you šŸ™ Feel free to add a comment, any feedback will help the beginner I am šŸ˜„

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Agathe Badia


Junior Frontend Developer, HTML5/CSS3 - JavaScript & Ember.js


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Hi, Agathe. My name Isaac and I am a writer for The Ember Times. šŸ‘‹

I was wondering if you'd be okay with our covering this blog post and your website in an upcoming issue. I think it'd be good to encourage readers to share their stories on your site if they'd like.

If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out on Discord! You can always find us at the #support-ember-times channel.



Thank you for your interest Isaac! I would love to share this Ember project with the Ember community :D

Could you share this issue once it's live please? Thanks!


Thanks, Agathe. I will definitely let you know once the Times issue with your article is published!


Hello, again! Matthew, our up-and-coming developer and writer, covered your article and website. You can find this week's Times issue on the Ember.js blog (available on dev.to as well)!