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Why did we build ApproveAPI?

ApproveAPI lets you build real-time approvals and secondary verifications into any application or workflow with one simple API. You can provide a tap-to-approve experience for all your users on any device via email, SMS, and push notifications.

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Why did we build it?

If you've ever used Krypton for auth-ing an SSH session, signing a Git commit, or 2FA via WebAuthn/U2F or even if you've used Duo -- you know how satisfying it is to just hit the 'Approve' button on a prompt and then you're instantly logged in or authorized some action.This is a much sweeter experience than punching in those 6-digit codes which always looks different on every site.

Krypton solves developer sign-in needs.

We wanted to go beyond developers and beyond just logins. With ApproveAPI we bring the same push-to-approve UX to everyone for any type of verification or approval workflow.

Rated E for Everyone

Everyone has a phone but not everyone is willing to download an app. A ubiquitous solution has to work everywhere. One goal of ApproveAPI is to work for everyone out-of-the-box.

ApproveAPI lets you create the same authorization UX for all your users on day one with our customizable approval prompts delivered via Email and SMS.

It's not just email and SMS though. From Krypton, we know how good an app-based experience can be, but why can't every app support this? With ApproveAPI you can add the same approval prompt UX within your own company's apps with our simple Push SDK that integrates with Apple's and Google's push notification services.

Beyond just logins

The tap-to-approve workflow is so useful, why limit it just to two-factor?

One of the goals of ApproveAPI is to make it easy for developers to request real-time user approvals and secondary verifications for any workflow -- from confirming suspected fraudulent transactions, authenticating users with two-factor verification, verifying identity for customer support, to internal compliance use cases with supervisor approvals and audit logging.

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