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Continuous Delivery with Dave Farley

The latest episode of Small Batches is out!
This is a special episode of Small Batches. I interview Dave Farley in this episode.

Dave, along with Jez Humble, is the co-author of "Continuous Delivery" published in 2010. The book introduced the ideas that grew into DevOps. So, no surprise that DevOps and continuous delivery are the same most people.

Together Dave and Jez introduced continuous delivery to the world. The practices and ideas still hold true ten years on.

Time and research have demonstrated that continuous delivery is the most effective way to develop software. If you’ve read Accelerate then you know what I’m talking about. That’s partially why am so passionate about it and that doesn’t even account for the fun I have working in that environment.

Dave and I talked about different aspects of continuous delivery beginning with the difference between software development and software engineering. Or as Dave put’s it: scientific rationalism.

We also speak about the connection from delivery, feedback, and experimentation. Or, as he put’s it: "just doing engineering".

He also shared why he doesn’t like the term DevOps. I gotta say I tend agree with him after hearing his reasoning.

Lastly I get his view on the Preflight Checks I mentioned in an early episode of this podcast. Go to for that episode.

Now I give you my conversation with Dave Farley.

You can find Dave at:

Listen to Continuous Delivery with Dave Farley on

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