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What is backend development?(intro)

In a world driven by software applications web applications took a lot more importance over the last years, every business wanted to have an access throw internet . Having a portal on the internet is very important for your business so web development held a-lot more value than ever.

Any web application contains of two main components ( Client - Server )

Client can be the interface that a user use to interact with your application, this client can be web that exists in the browsers like (chrome , safari , etc…)
Or mobile application like Uber for example

All this applications need server that provides the logic require to power this users interfaces with functionality.

So if I want to be a good backend engineer in 2022 what should I learn ? In the end of the article I will give you suggestion to work with but let's first discuss what backend server is ?

to simplify the case backend is a code or program written in certain language that is hosted on a server that can be accessed through the internet and because the internet has no state (it will forget you and your data so this data should be stored on a disk not in the memory

To restore a data on a disk and retrieve it through-code databases are used.

web development blocks

So when you request a thing from a client you trigger some code that make certain logic and data can be stored in the database or retrieved from it then response is sent to client.


1.Programming language [javascript , Go , Php , java , c#]

-javaPoint .

2.Data structures and Algorithms.

3.Design patterns .

4.Data-bases and SQL.

5.Back-end framework [nodeJS , GO , laravel].


So this was a simple friendly entry to the world of web development [backend] I tried to discuss the main idea in a simple way and in the next articles we will talk more in details about every component in the cycle of backend that can take you from rocky level to be an expert in the backend development .
Stay tuned for more articles.
Thanks for reading ❤️❤️

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