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Continuous integration and continuous delivery explanation (ci/cd)

In this article, we will talk about ci/cd continuous integration and continuous delivery.
When we take about ci/cd, we are talking about automation, This article demonstrates the ci/cd approach from the Dev-Ops perspective.

Continuous-Integration (ci): is a software engineering and coding approach that allows developers and teams to make small releases code changes and merged them into a version control repository. because most modern applications use different tools, technologies, and platforms. teams need automation methodology to integrate and smoothly validate their changes.

Continuous-Delivery (cd): raise where ci ends, the main goal of cd is to automate the application deployment and production, teams practicing cd can changes code, add new features, bug fixes, and configure changes automatically. cd has solved the problem of miscommunication between the Dev team and ops team 

benefits of ci/cd:
Smaller Code Changes
Fault Isolations
Faster Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR)
More Test Reliability
Faster Release Rate

 follow this resource to learn more about ci /cd


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