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My First Game Dev Blog #Devlog_1

My Game Dev Journey

My game dev you journey is short and precise. I have been using unity for 3 months now and I have to give myself credit that I am a little bit fluent in the Game Engine itself but as a game developer still a beginner and I believe their is a lot more to learn.


A friend of mine who also started game development actually bought a Skillshare subscription and shared it to me. I searched for a beginner course and started following. Initially I was just fooling around with Unity's user interface but gradually I got the idea of what is actually happening. after following the course I was able to make an endless runner game with a cube and triangles.


I think, I was lucky in a way that the first course I found was short and concise. I would suggest any beginner to start with any course that has less than 10 video lectures or has a duration of maximum 3 to 4 hours. The reason to start with short and concise content is it will finish soon and you will feel satisfied after finishing. That's how human brain works it loves sense of achievement no matter how small or big. After finishing I was intrigued so I searched for another tutorial.

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This time that same friend of mine suggested me a course in which the tutor teaches you with 6 different projects. I followed 2 games he was making, A game called Jump Hero where the player jumps on a platform and a new platform is generated while the second game was a basket ball game where player aims to throw a ball towards the net.

What I am building currently?

I finished both of the tutorials but this time I paused for a second and tried to figure out how to put all the things I have learnt in my own project and what new thing I can build. Well there is no need to create a fresh idea. I usually play Dunkshot and Mr. Gun on my mobile so I thought why not create a game like Dunkshot or Mr.Gun? I know it is too early to make a game like that but at least I can try to make a minimalistic version of any of the game. Mr. Gun is more addictive to me and the level generation of the game seemed a little bit challenging to me.

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What is my progress on the game?

I had to do a lot of research on the internet to get at least to slightest idea of how to generate a level mechanics like Mr. Gun but nothing on the internet helped me. I paused for a few days because of burnout since I have a job and some other chores to do. I started with designing similar platforms like Mr.Gun and I switched from one idea to another about how the platform may have been designed I developed three types of platform and every type will implement a slightly different logic so I picked up the easier one and started working with it.

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Next step was to work generated all the platforms with code and the first challenge was to stack up all the platform on each other since every platform was randomly selected and had a different height so it required some math skills (exactly like you I am also terrible at math). Like every other developer I turned to the internet and it bombarded me with various lines of codes. No I had 14 to 15 tabs open in my browser and switching back and forth copying pieces from here and their and finally after the hassle of 3 or maybe for days I was able to stack up the platforms on each other.

What is My motivation for the project?

Still have a long way to go I have made a checklist of features to add to the game. I am currently working on lerping the camera upward each platform a turn. I believe in doing small tasks which keeps giving you sense of satisfaction whenever a task is done and you get motivation for another task. Like any other developer I also get stuck on things that i cannot figure out so I give myself a pause and go watch a relevant tutorial or read any article to get some basic idea of the functionality and come back with a fresh mind and a different approach to work on the problem.
I am also documenting my progress as a blog and this blog is my first one and I have plans to start a HundredDaysOfGameDev Challenge as well let's where it takes me.......Peace!

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