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Ahmed Gulab Khan
Ahmed Gulab Khan

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Restaurant reviews app made using Flutter and Firebase

So, a couple of days ago I developed a food restaurant reviews app using Flutter and Firebase, and made it open-source by uploading the source code on my GitHub profile.

About the app

Foodspace is an app made using Flutter, where people can register and start exploring wide categories of restaurants present in their cities and also check the reviews and feedback for a specific restaurant. There is also a ‘likes section’ where all the restaurants liked by the user are displayed.

I was using the Zomato API for fetching details of these restaurants by place, and using the co-ordinates that I received from the API, created a map that shows a pointer which points to the location of the restaurant that you have clicked using flutter_map dependency.

Firebase was used to store the login credentials and all the restaurants any particular user has liked. Stored user login data using shared_preferences to avoid users to login everytime they close and reopen the app. Used firebase_auth for user authentication.

Here is the link to the source code:

If you like the project, you can star the repository on GitHub, or contribute to it by making Pull requests.

The final app looks something likes this

Markdown Monster icon

Dependecies used

  • introduction_screen
  • firebase_auth
  • google_sign_in
  • cloud_firestore
  • flutter_spinkit
  • shared_preferences
  • font_awesome_flutter
  • shimmer
  • flutter_map

I also made a medium article explaining how I implemented most of the things, you can check it out here.

Hope you like this project, would love to hear your feedback on this :).

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