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GroupChatApp - A group chatting app using Flutter

Hello guys, a few days ago I developed a group chatting app using Flutter and Firebase, and made it open-source by uploading the source code on my GitHub profile.

Here is the link to the Source code:

If you like the project, you can star the repository on GitHub, or contribute to it by making Pull requests.


1. Sign in/Register

  • Users can register on the app by entering their Email, Full name and Password.
  • If already registered, they can simply sign in by entering Email and Password.
  • Used Firebase to implement sign in/register for users.

2. Creating Groups

  • After being successfully logged in, users can create a new group with any name.
  • When a user creates a group, they automatically become a member of the group.
  • All the groups that a user is a member of, are displayed on the user's home screen page.

3. Search for Groups

  • Users can also search for any content related groups created by other users.
  • If you come across a group and like the content, you can join the group and start chatting with other members of the group.

4. Chatting in groups

  • Only the members of a group can chat within the group.
  • All the chats related to a group will be private to that group.
  • All the details of a group are stored in a Firebase collection and all the messages related to that group are stored in the sub-collection of that group's collection.

5. Logout

  • Logout functionality implemented using Firebase.

In the journey of making this app, I learned a lot of new things. So, I decided to make this project open-source so that other people can also learn and benefit from it.

Source code/GitHub repo:

If you like the project, you can star the repo on GitHub by going to the above link.

Would love to hear your valuable feedback on this.

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Worawat Kaewsanmuang • Edited

This is a great chat application build using Flutter. Thanks for sharing this here. Learned a great deal about building a chat application and integrating group chat features into it. Thanks for providing the source code as well. There are a lot of Flutter chat app templates that provide this kind of impressive features which are must-have in chat applications. Everyone should definitely check them out.

bluesyntax18 profile image

Hello sir , I try to run your code on my project but i got some error.

Receiver: null

Tried calling:

Need help sir, I am a newbie. Thanks.