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What even is GitHub Codespaces?

So GitHub has recently announced a new way for users to edit their code online, through something called the Codespaces, which is currently in beta. Here is an overview of what it's all about.

What is Codespaces?

According to GitHub, "Codespaces is an online dev environment which gives a complete Visual Studio Code like experience without leaving GitHub". This means that all the users who have signed up for Codespaces, can edit their code and get access to all the features of VS Code along with it's marketplace on GitHub itself.

Well currently Codespaces is in beta and you can sign up for early access here.

Is Codespaces available to everyone, and for all repositories?

Currently Codespaces is only available for a limited number of users and over time more users will start gaining access to it based on availability and sign up date.

While in beta, Codespaces will be available for the repositories that you own and public repositories. Additional support will be available as the beta progresses, but for now, Codespaces will not be available for private repositories that belong to organizations.


Codespaces will be free for the limited beta, and GitHub is planning to make it a pay-as-you-go service in the future.

Codespaces vs Visual Studio Code

Codespaces sets up a cloud-hosted, containerized, and customizable VS Code environment. After set up, you can connect to a codespace through the browser or through VS Code.

For more information about Codespaces, and to know about the FAQ's related to Codespaces, you can go to this link.

Source - GitHub Codespaces

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It's worth sharing an alternative called They offer a generous free tier and I've been using it for a few months.

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Ahmed Gulab Khan • Edited

Ohh, this sounds cool. Plus having a free tier makes it look more appealing

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If you need more than the free tier provides, feel free to use my coupon code for 30% off for the first three months with mikenikles