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Why I choose ReactJs and React Native(For hybrid app development).

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I am going to share with you guys, what made me choose ReactJs for web development and React Native for hybrid mobile app development.

Simple, I choose to focus on this framework is because of the current market demand. At the time I am writing this article, ReactJs and React Native developer are in demand in the current market at my country(Malaysia) and also at most of the country out there.

It's so easy for me to find a job here when I am a React Developer. While I am focusing on React at the moment, I am also always keeping an eye on VueJs, Svelte and Flutter.

When I have my free time I will go and look at this amazing framework. And try to understand, how it is different compare to React. So that when the time come, I can be prepare to switch my stack so that I won't be out of job and make sure that my pay are good.

We as a developer must always be up to date with the current technology and trends. We must be ready for change anytime. Because we don't know when the tool we are using going to expired. Tech industry grow way fast compare to other industry in this world.

I am not telling you that React or React Native will be gone or not used in the future, We just need to make sure that we are always aware about the latest technology that is being used so that in the coming future we won't be left behind.

What do you think?

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