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Section 1.1 - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide

This series is intended to be a personal study guide. Information may not be comprehensive or accurate. I am sharing it in case others find it useful. Please feel free to comment if any information is inaccurate.

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1.1 Define the AWS Cloud and its value proposition

Define the benefits of the AWS cloud, including:

  • Security - AWS maintains secure facilities and offers various means of securing cloud resources
  • Reliability - ensures data integrity and performance consistency
  • High Availability – systems operate continuously without failure for a long time, avoiding loss of service
  • Elasticity – resources grow and shrink based on demand without the need to provision ahead of time
  • Agility – fast access to services and increased speed to market
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing - only pay for resources used instead of making large upfront investment
  • Scalability – resources can scale up or down to handle workloads of virtually any size
  • Global Reach – can deploy in regions and zones around the world at the click of a button
  • Economy of scale – volume discounts are passed on to customers, offering lower prices

Explain how the AWS cloud allows users to focus on business value

  • Shifting technical resources to revenue-generating activities as opposed to managing infrastructure

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