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Section 1.2 - AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Study Guide

This series is intended to be a personal study guide. Information may not be comprehensive or accurate. I am sharing it in case others find it useful. Please feel free to comment if any information is inaccurate.

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1.2 Identify aspects of AWS Cloud Economics

Define items that would be part of a Total Cost of Ownership proposal

  • Understand the role of operational expenses (OpEx) – building and maintaining infrastructure, data centers, updates and patches, security
  • Understand the role of capital expenses (CapEx) – buying equipment, space, licenses
  • Understand the labor costs associated with on-premises operations – keeping engineers, architects, and administrators on staff; spending work hours on infrastructure upkeep rather than development
  • Understand the impact of software licensing costs when moving to the cloud
    • License compliance during migration to AWS
    • Users can substantially reduce costs by using existing licenses
    • AWS License Manager provides a mechanism to allocate licenses to both your on-premises and cloud-hosted resources and allows you to automate the tracking of how these licenses are consumed
    • Users must monitor their own licenses and ensure compliance with licensing agreements

Identify which operations will reduce costs by moving to the cloud

  • Right-sized infrastructure – match resource provisioning to usage needs
  • Benefits of automation – increase efficiency by automating many aspects of cloud infrastructure, deployment, and monitoring
  • Reduce compliance scope (for example, reporting) - automated services make it easier to maintain logs and reports for auditing
  • Managed services – AWS handles updates and maintenance instead of the customer

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