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Single Page Application Library in Vanilla JS


Hi, library for making Single Page Application (SPA) in Vanilla JavaScript library

Flyght works based window.loction.hash whenever the hash changes, the configured URL will be triggered and page will be loaded

One can easily make Single Page Application using the Flyght

Simple, yet powerful

Note : Single Page Application might affect SEO, choose appropriate case to use


<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
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Simple right?

Yes, Simple yet powerful


You need to init the Flyght with required parameter, then your webpage will turn into SPA, like the Flyght way

  idElement : "idElement",
  urlConfiguration : [ {
    hash : "#about",
    url : "/about.html",
    type : "GET"
  }, {
    hash : "#contact",
    url : "/contact.html",
    type : "GET"
  }, {
    hash : "#team",
    url : "/team.html",
    type : "GET"
  } ],
  requestHeader : [ {
    header : 'Content-type',
    value : 'application/json'
  } ]
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Configuration Parameters

  1. idElement : Is the id of the DOM Element, where the loaded page is rendered

  2. urlConfiguration : Is the Array of Object that has, url, hash, and request type

    1. hash : The hash we provided
    2. url : For the given hash respective URL will be called and response will be attached to the idElement content
    3. type : The request type URL to be called
  3. requestHeader : The header to be attached to the request

    1. header : The header value to be attached to the header
    2. value : The value to the request header

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Top comments (2)

vbilopav profile image

How is it vanilla if it uses a library?

aj1thkr1sh profile image

Hi, the Library is in Vanilla JS, dependency-free, if title confuses, changed the title. Thanks