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React dev urgently needed for Corona volunteer matching platform

UPDATE: We are not rebuilding Facebook and there is only so much dev work to be done. We have received over 30 applications, way more than we ever thought we could get and we will choose from that list. We are grateful and humbled by all the offers we have received from you. Thank you!

What's the deal?

We have been working on for the past days and we have just launched the first version in Germany a few minutes ago. Our plan is to quickly expand internationally because of network effects, starting with an English version of the app this week still and then go into Italian, Spanish and other languages as we get translators in.

What do we need?

We are looking for a React developer. The basic features are already covered but as you flip through the screens, you probably already have some ideas going through your head – picture those ideas as features of the version that you help create!

We have received a first donation which goes straight into ads, because precise reach of people is everything. Therefore we can't pay you a salary. But:

What's in it for you?

  • You do the right thing. We all do this next to our full-time jobs and we are just trying to make it work.
  • You can add it to your portfolio. The project has already attracted interest from the media and we expect more as we grow – and grow we will: Other sites in Germany went well beyond 10k signups within a matter of days already but they are unable to process that volume (let alone go international) because they are essentially entries in Google sheets which need to be manually matched. Meme: Sounds good doesn't work
  • You don't have to commit long-term. A few days will already make a big difference.
  • The full startup experience: Slack, Trello, launch on ProductHunt this week, time pressure, fast growth. All of us are experienced with these things and we take this very seriously.
  • You can work from home. Obviously...

How to connect

If you want to join, write me here, via Twitter, LinkedIn or fill this form. But don't leave us hanging for too long – we are in a special situation that requires special people. And there are people who are depending on help from others who can't get it – right in this moment!

Thank you to Ben and the DEV team for boosting this post. We highly appreciate it and all the work you are continuously putting into this platform!

Meme: I am once again asking for your dev time

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ivoberger profile image
Ivo • Edited

Hey, I'm currently a full-time react dev from germany. I'm technically junior, but currently I'm the only React dev in my team and we're doing alright, hence the "technically". Being the only react dev I'm used to pressure and short cycles. I'm also up to date on hooks, Redux, Typescript, Firebase and a bunch more.
I still have to work full-time because obviously having to stay at home isn't really a hindrance to work for us devs.
Thus I can commit a an hour, maybe 2 a day + more time on weekends, with the little catch that I'll reduce that or pull out when it's getting to much, as I said, work is already a handful.
This sounds like a great cause to donate my time and skills to, so please let me know how I can get involved.

derekthedev profile image
Derek Montgomery • Edited

I just submitted my info through Google Forms. I've worked full-time in front-end React for 2 1/2 years. Been coding for a decade. Going to bed for the night, but I work full-time remotely already and will help however I can.

devdrake0 profile image

Are you only looking for React devs? I can/have developed React apps, but I'm more a backend dev.

ajascha profile image

For now yes, everything runs serverless apart from the DB. We are going to iron out the major bugs now and do a planning session. Depending on how things are going however we might switch that setup though. What is your preferred tech stack together with React?

devdrake0 profile image

I can't stress enough that I say I can develop React apps loosely; in as much as I can clobber something together that is functional, but doesn't follow best practices etc :-)

My backend languages are Node or Go. Other than that, I'm pretty open to whatever.

wonder2210 profile image

Actually is nextjs ( for frontend and backend but i can use express or Flask for backend too) using Graphql and PostgreSQL or MongoDB

meatboy profile image
Meat Boy

There is already an application for matching people with volunteers. Furthermore, it has a few thousand of registered people and it works in entire EU.

macmacky profile image
Mark Abeto

Hi Arne, Is this a remote thing. If it is, I would really like to help you guys with this project. I have experience working with React, and I also know how to use the Hooks API.

probeta1 profile image
Abhinav Kumar Srivastava

I am still a noob at ReactJS , but will spread the message in my community , so that proficient ones can help out :)

montekaka profile image
Josh Chen

Hi, I'm the co-founders of justcast, and I would like to help with this project. I have experience working with React, and I also know how to use the Hooks API.

sherigreen profile image

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