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What's new in Electron 10.0.0?

Electron 10.0.0 Released 🎉

Electron 10.0.0 has been released! It includes upgrades to Chromium 85, V8 8.5, and Node.js 12.16 and added several new API integrations and improvements.

You can install it with npm via npm install electron@latest

New in this release:

⚡️ Upgraded to Chrome 85
🌌 Improved window event handling
🎟️ Session persistence API enhancements

What's new features added?

  • Added contents.getBackgroundThrottling() method and contents.backgroundThrottling property.
  • Added a sameSite property to the Cookie structure allowing you to get and set the same site policy for cookies.
  • Added new render-process-gone event on app to replace the renderer-process-crashed event.
  • Added new useSessionCookies flag to net requests to allow them to use the session cookie store.
  • Added support for MessagePort in the main process.
  • Added the ability to get the "Recent" folder on Windows with app.getPath('recent').
  • BrowserWindow darkTheme option now defaults to nativeTheme.shouldUseDarkColors.
  • Can now check if a given session is persistent by calling the ses.isPersistent() API.
  • Added fullScreen property support for BrowserWindow.
  • Restored support for pdfium-based PDF viewer.

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