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Last month, I was working in a project and I felt I needed some kind of doc site. Eventually I found docsify which is great but sadly it won't produce static files for the content and relies on client side router, and SEO gets affected.

Plus, I really didn't want to manually make the sidebar...

I also knew there are a lot of options to consider, but it was a great opportunity to gain some skills in node.

So, I started a prototype with the following goals:

  1. It Should auto generate as much as possible: At least landing page, background, favicon, sidebar, ToC, search.
  2. It should be dead simple to use and get started.
  3. It should output a clean, static site, no frameworks, no router.
  4. It should support multiple languages
  5. It should be 'nice' to use out of the box.

And a few more.

The result: https://docurry.aboni.dev/

In my opinion it can be useful to quickly document anything an deep customization is not needed.


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