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Neutralinojs: Get started with cli


In this article, you will learn the basics of using cli for creating a Neutralinojs.


Assuming Node.js, npm installed (I suggest,, if you didn't install it already.).

npm i -g @neutralinojs/neu

The commands

The Scaffolding command (js templates)
neu create myapp --template js

Where myapp is folder will be created.

Build command
cd my app && neu build

After running, various executable will be available in the folder.

Other scaffold templates

  • ts
  • kotlin
  • angularjs

I tried all the scaffold. And neu build worked like a charm.

To be frank, I was surprised, since I don't have ts/kotlin installed. Still new build succeeded.

How does it work ? If any one know why, please comment below.


Neutralinojs got a simple to use cli. Even though it's quite limited. We can expect a more flexible and feature-rich one in future.


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