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First 6 pull requests DONE!

Hey guys

I am Akaash, a software developer from Pune, India. I like working in frontend and previously I have worked on custom Alexa skill kits and machine learning POCs. I joined DEV community to keep myself updated about technology which I love and what's new going on in the world. That's how I came across #hacktoberfest and decided to participate.

New to open source

I have been using open source tool for quite few years now and I want to give back to the community. Taking part in Hactoberfest gave me the opportunity to do that and I will continue to do so hence forth.
My first PR was for for Time-to-leave application had an window alignment issue, though it was minor changes figuring out what is causing that issue was challenging. Fixed the issue with CSS and submitted the PR.

Current Hacktoberfest status

Now I have successfully submitted 6 PRs, all of them accepted by maintainer. Four PRs passed the review period and counted toward completing the Hacktoberfest challenge! Remaining 2 will be accepted in next few hours.

Links to my PRs:

  1. Preference window alignment issue fixed for time-to-leave
  2. Sum of AP in JS for algo_ds_101
  3. Personal card with flip animation using pure HTML and CSS for CSS-Art
  4. ReactJs NavBar for react_headers
  5. Made UI changes for olWebsite-React and then I was invited to join Oneleif organization!
  6. Added feature: Alert user before closing tab/window for Sketchify

In the end

My Hacktoberfest 2020 experience been awesome! Got chance to work on some exciting stuff and I will continue to participate in coming years. Even though #Hacktoberfest2020 is officially over, this wont stop me from contributing to open source, will continue to do it all round the year.

Do check out my Github profile and live a star if you like it.
Follow me for interesting facts on Javascript, ReactJS.

Happy hacking!

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Akaash Trivedi

Thank you!