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Alan Barr
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Who even needs Kubernetes?

Is Kubernetes even necessary at all?

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David J Eddy

Very necessary. Containerization outside of a local development environment becomes impossible to manage with a management layer of abstraction. Want high availability and regional fault tolerance? How are you going to manage thousands of machine across the globe, and deploy your application quickly to them in a zero down time manner?

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Henry Quinn

Hard same. There were some projects I was working on at my last job where I was running a containerized software product for like four different district court units. Even that was getting unwieldy before we made the move to OpenShift. That allowed us to just let K8s deal with the nitty gritty for us.

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

If you actually need containers beyond the scale of a few small ones, then yes, it's useful, and has largely become the de-facto standard for ochestrating containers.

Now, whether or not you actually need containers is a completely different issue (chances are you don't, no matter what people tell you).

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Raphael Jambalos

For me, Kubernetes isnt whats necessary. Having an orchestrator service is what’s necessary. It becomes impossible to manage a fleet of docker containers without an orchestrator service.

Our orchestrator service is Amazon Elastic Container Service

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Kubernetes is necessary if you want to deploy your applications on the cloud.Big cloud companies like aws , azure,firebase must use kubenetes to manage hundreds of thousens of applications on their services at the same time with each application requesting resources at the same time .In this kind of situation webservers can't do much thing.

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Kubernetes no, an orchestrator yes. Try handling scaling, provisioning and availability of 1000s of containers without some help. Keeping track of all the network port mappings alone quickly becomes a headache.