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Career in IT: How to gain experience?

The IT area is one of the most promising areas, it is the area that, although it opens up vacancies, there are actually plenty of vacancies. And this happens because there are not enough qualified professionals to carry out such functions.

We know that constant study is essential, but a good experience ends up coming with time. Now what to do when you have studied, but have no or little experience?

If you are starting in the area, you know how it is. We always see several vacancies, but it always comes with the term “with experience”. It's the same old story: I need experience to get a job, and I need a job to get experience.

So how do you get an opportunity to put everything you've learned and are learning into practice?

So come check out some tips that I separated to be able to help you and be able to give you a north.

It sounds kind of obvious and cliché, and you might be tired of hearing it too, but there's no getting away from it. In the area of technology everything changes at all times and we always have to be up to date.

College, postgraduate courses, face-to-face or online courses are a good option for you to increase your training.

Create a portfolio.
Gather all your work in one place, like GIT, for example, the important thing is that companies have access to them. What projects can you place? Everything from that website to a study you did to your final college term papers.

You can also put some projects on LinkedIn, it is also a good showcase for you to expose your projects for companies to see.

Events, Hackathons and technology fairs.
This is a great way to learn and network. There are even events that have mini courses that you can take.

A course you take at these events, even if it's just one day, you'll have contact with several people and can exchange experiences and even contacts.

Freelance jobs.
If you think it's a trap, get it out of your head. Remember that you are just starting out and now the focus is on gaining experience. When you go to get a job, the recruiter may want to take a look at your work done.

Groups on social networks.
If you like browsing social networks, you can combine business with pleasure. There are several IT groups and there are always advertisements for vacancies and internships, as well as doubts where one can always help the other.

Having friendships with people who have the same purpose can result in the development of projects and even indications for a job. This can make you add experience and knowledge.

Go to interviews.
The title may be a little generic, but calm down, I'll explain. Imagine that a vacancy appears with which you identify and by a miracle it does not require experience. However, although they are not asking for experience, they ask for a lot of requirements.

And that's where you should try!

There is no such thing as one person who knows everything at once, and you shouldn't be intimidated by the requirements. The resumes that this company will receive will hardly have someone who meets 100% of the requested requirements.

If you have some of them, have chances to try. The good thing we have in several companies, in addition to the interview, there is always some practical test. That's how you'll prove to the company that you've mastered that subject, and who knows, maybe you'll leave with your job guaranteed.

Could I help you a little with these tips?

If you have, but any tip that can add and help, leave us comments.

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