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Black Friday Sale - Complete guide to Modern JavaScript 50% off

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Black Friday is here and it's time for sales.

I am the author of the Complete guide to Modern JavaScript, a book that covers all the new features introduced to JavaScript since ES6.

If you are a beginner, the book also briefly covers the basics of JavaScript so, unless you are a complete beginner, you should be fine.

Today you can get it at 50% off ( just 4.99) on Leanpub at this link.

If you prefer to get a paperback copy, you can find it on amazon.

A free to read version is also available on Github at this link. This version does not include the chapters: Introduction to JavaScript and Introduction to TypeScript and does not include quizzes.

Other sales worth your time

Educative, Scrimba and WesBos have many courses on discount that you should check out.

Do you know of any other cool Black Friday sale for programming courses/book? Leave it in the comment and share it with everybody.


Thank you very much for reading. Follow me on DevTo or on my blog at inspiredwebdev for more.

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Ok, I used the chance. Thank you Alberto.


Thanks a lot! hope you enjoy it


Thank you Alberto for the offer!


Thank you very much! Enjoy