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Goodbye 2019, New Year resolutions for 2020

Today is the last day of the year and I think it would be nice for all of us to share our resolutions for 2020.

For me, 2019 has been a very solid year, my first full year (from January to December) as a Software Developer.

A quick recap of my year:

  • I improved a lot with Angular (our main tool at work) and MySQL.
  • I've also played around a lot with GatsbyJS which I've used to build my blog and my girlfriend's website where she teaches vietnamese.
  • I've also managed to create a second edition of my book that I'm so happy it just reached 650 stars on Github.
  • Reached 10k Followers in roughly 5 months on DevTo. To be honest, I have no words to describe it, I would have never thought about reaching such a milestone when I first started out.

My New Year resolutions for 2020 include:

  • Learn how to use AWS more, so far I've only touched the basics at work and I would like to dig deeper
  • Write more tutorials on my blog where I write about JavaScript related stuff.
  • Complete my personal project I was building with Angular, a personal app to track and create reports of my book and upcoming course sales (my course will soon go live on, a very cool platform for interactive courses). I know there are probably many free choices out there but the point of the project was also to get better at Angular since I only use it at the office but I rarely have a chance to build anything from the ground up.

How about you? How was your 2019? What do you expect from 2020?

Thank you very much for reading. Follow me on DevTo or on my blog at inspiredwebdev or on twitter.

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kmwill23 profile image

My 2019 was stellar personally and professionally. Going to be hard to top it.

  • Got to be the start of the show for two new major clients, along with seeing 10-15 new from last year really mature in their product use.

  • Multiple clients now know me as "Kevin, the happy dev". Because, well, I'm always positive, especially with clients. But I also hum happy tunes when on client calls. So far no complaints.

  • More salary, bonuses for the 9-5. More passive income through the LLC.

  • Many home projects complete!

The 2020s will be amazing. Sure for me, but for the world in general. Well, technology anyhow. The rest is up in the air 😆. Not really resolutions, but goals!

  • Finish all the beta milestones for first major LCC product release.

  • Keep watching for opportunities to take that next step in the 9-5. It's tough since I am already a team/product lead. Not much upward mobility outside of department lead.

  • Disney World for 10th anniversary!

albertomontalesi profile image

Awesome, I think "Kevin, the happy dev" is a great nickname