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Tisn is now an open source project!

albertopdrf profile image Alberto Pérez de Rada Fiol ・1 min read

Last week I posted about why I created a social network, and the article received quite a bit of feedback that I appreciated very much. Make sure to take a look at it if you haven't seen it yet!

On the article I presented tisn.app, a new social network that I've been working on for the past few months. This article is a quick follow up to let everyone now that Tisn is now an open source project!

There's still a lot of stuff, in every sense, to figure out and work on, but I decided to take this step now as probably a lot of people would like to experience contributing and setting the direction of a newborn project. Make sure to drop by the repository!

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The introverts' social network


Tisn - The introverts' social network

Meet people while doing what you enjoy!

Table of contents

What is tisn.app?

Welcome to the tisn.app (or just Tisn) repository! We are very glad to have you here. If you want to help us make Tisn better, this is definitely the place to be!

The primary objective of Tisn is to try and address the problem of the apparent difficulty that exists to meet people and make new friends on this modern world. To do that, our social network:

  1. Connects people according to their interests
  2. Encourages people to go outside and meet others while doing something that they all enjoy
  3. Is as simple as possible

We try to do all of that while being completely transparent and respecting our users' privacy.



I'm very excited about the project in general and this step in particular, and hopefully some of you are too! If that's the case, make sure to let me know by reacting and/or commenting to the post!


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