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Since 'QL' is capitalized and stands for "query language", I tend towards "graph-cue-el'.


This has been a huge discussion in RDBMS world. How to pronounce SQL?

  • S.Q.L.
  • Sequel

GraphQL looks like a nice candidate for yet-another-one of these :D

It probably is graph-cue-el, but I really like graph-cool. SQL would be much fancier if it was pronounced see-cool!


I've long since stopped caring about consistency -- it's "sequel" or "ess cue ell", "day-ta" or "dah-ta" more or less at the flip of a coin. It's always "sequel server" if I'm talking about the MS product but that's it.

Wouldn't the analogous pronunciation for GraphQL be "graph-quill" rather than "graph-cool" though?


Probably it would be.

I just wanted to highlight that people will always find a way to pronounce things in many different ways and SQL was a good candidate for it. I used to care, now I don't. It's one of the endless discussions in programming world, among with tabs vs. spaces, tab size and whatever else is there.


i recently had an instructor, whose instruction i very much trust, lead us in an exercise to pronounce postgresql as post-gres-kewl (like -cool but with more of a hook, like -kyool maybe). i think graphql should be the same.


If it had an s it be

G raph's cool :)

But I just say Graph Q.L

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