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Black Lives Matter: Help Match my Donations πŸ’œ

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In solidarity with my Black brothers and sisters, I will not post anything work or tech related at least till end of week.

I am currently working Full-Time running fundraisers for individual Black Lives Matter chapters.

(1) What is the background story behind these campaigns?

For too long, our country has accepted the continued mistreatment of Black people in the US. It’s wrong, disgusting and shameful. It shouldn't take a world-wide crisis for humanity to finally pay a bit more attention.

The time to act is now. A very simple and extremely effective way that anyone can help is by giving a donation to a reputed organization that will help during this crisis. As we all know, money is always needed for causes like this.

(2) Who are the Beneficiaries?

I have set up each of these fundraisers so that your donations to these campaigns go directly to BLM.

'New York Black Lives Matter' chapter
Alt Text

'Greater Atlanta Black Lives Matter chapter
Alt Text

(3) Why isn't there a Seattle BLM fundraiser set up yet if you are based in Seattle?

I knew someone would ask that! πŸ˜‚

It is because --believe it or not!-- the Seattle BLM group doesn't seem to be registered as a Non Profit 501(c)3 yet. I spent 48 minutes trying to find an EIN number for them and finally decided they must not have it set up yet. (I mean.. I even called the IRS to see if an agent could help me out.) Not to mention that their own main org website does NOT list Seattle among the Chapters: https://blacklivesmatter.com/chapters

πŸ‘‰πŸ½πŸ‘‰πŸ½ But if I am wrong PLEASE CORRECT ME, and I would LOVE to run something for the Seattle chapter too!

As it stands, you can see that even GoFundMe comes up blank when you search for Seattle chapter.

Alt Text

Thus, in the absence of supporting the Seattle chapter, I am running individual fundraising campaigns for individual BLM chapters.

(4) What do you hope this money is used for?

First of all, it is going straight to BLM and I leave it up to them to use it as they see fit!

Second, it is my hope that this donation can be a help toward raising bail funds for all our brave protestors. This is a great way to oppose the unlawful arrests and rounding up of people.

Stay safe.
-Alejandra y Canela πŸ’œ

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This: "For too long, our country has accepted the continued mistreatment of Black people in the US"

Appalling and so true.