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My Idea did it into an Accelerator, I need your opinion :)

Hi, I am based in Germany and I am currently developing an Idea, which is part of an Accelerator program. Our target market are Companies, who need an IT solution and developers, who want to connect with these companies and also support the platform developing micro-services, based on the problems of the companies and helping the community.

This is a short description:

[Projext X] offers developers the opportunity to upload opensource micro-services and share them with a community. The path to hosting, scaling in a cloud and publishing this with the community is automated and simplified.

Medium to large companies can use the micro-services offered directly without having to worry about monitoring.

We want to develop a platform, which works as tool to upload different micro-services, which will be tested, adapted, deployed and maintained, making it easy to our users to just one click the service they need and get it run as an API. without compatibility issues or needing special technical knowledge to deploy them.

we want also to implement in our platform different activities, ranking levels, hackatons, workshops. These activities and ranking system, will be the bridge between companies looking for talent and developers looking for work or to be payed to solve the problems of these companies.

The developers will have the opportunity to rank and acquire points to change them for money. this points will be acquire trough the successfully development of micro-services and how popular this is. And the ownership of the developments will be secure using smart contracts and the blockchain. The developers will also have a portfolio and all the share possibilities, to let the platform work as a job market.

If you help me whit this questions, you can let me your email or wallet address to become a certain amount of points as a gift, I will be updating to let you know when we are already launching

I would appreciate to know:

What do you think about the Idea?

Would you use it? if no, why?

What features can we add to be more attractive for you?

Do you have some name suggestions for our project?
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Thank you for your Help! and sorry for my bad English.

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Alex Janke • Edited

As a general rule of building a business: Don't post your idea online before you're done with what you're working on.
You're basically giving people online free input on market ideas.

I do have a few counter-questions though:

  • Did you scan the market for potential competition?
  • What features does your competition offer that you maybe don't have?
  • Pricing model? Tier based? pay-as-you-grow?

To answers your questions

What do you think about the Idea?

Interesting for sure but I feel like this construct would rise or fall based on the content of the APIs that you offer. If there just aren't any good, or many, APIs then companies won't jump onboard.

Would you use it? if no, why?

I work for the german government, so no. In private sector maybe yes.

What features can we add to be more attractive for you?

  • Easy accessible frontend (mobile too, for checking usage data and maybe logging)
  • Good method to explore APIs. Maybe by category, newest, most used, ...

Do you have some name suggestions for our project?

nope, lol. This is always more difficult than writing the actual thing from scratch in my opinion