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ScanPC, your new (open source) tool for Windows compliance audits

Let me introduce you to ScanPC, a useful Python script I have been developing since 2016.
It aims to help you quickly assess a Windows computer with the gathering of information like :

  • the user accounts list
  • the password policy
  • the share folders list
  • the hardware configuration
  • the OS version
  • the network interfaces
  • the Windows updates (KB) list
  • the softwares installed
  • the firewall state
  • the processes list
  • the services list
  • the antivirus state

Those information are then showable in an HTML report.

You can run it on the following Microsoft Windows systems :

  • XP x86
  • 7 x86 and x64
  • 10 x86 and x64

You don't even need to have Python installed on those computers !
Thanks to pyinstaller, you can compile the code into an executable.
You will just need them to have Visual C++ 2010 x86 (which is quite common).

Use case
You work in an IT Security team who do compliance audits.
Some of the computer you must assess are not connected to the network for verious reasons.
You put an executable of a compiled ScanPC on your auditor USB key and go scan those computers.


Interested : visit my website
This tool is open source and I wish it will make your day brighter !

You want to contribute or you find an issue : please pull a request or open an issue on its Github repo !

If you like this project, please share it and star it !
You can also buy me a coffee ;) !

PS : Be carreful when you put USB devices in one computer to one another, you should always check your USB key for viruses after each scan !
Thankfully, the usb devices cleaning station I have been developing at the same time, Decontamine will help you keep your keys clean.

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