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Mezon PHP Framework : results of the 2021 year

Hi all! New Year and Christmas have passed and now is a good time to remind all achivements within the Mezon PHP Project and think what to do in 2022.

Let's start!

  1. Mezon PHP Framework have gathered about 100 more stars (spread on different packages) on Hope next year will give us at least 150 new stars.

  2. Unit-test were improved and made more stable. Now we have 1220 unit-tests wich gives us 98% of code coverage.

  3. Mutation testing was implemented. MSI is rather low (about 57%), but it will grow.

  4. One new developer have joined the project and now he develops Mezon CLI tool.

  5. Here is the TOP-10 of articles from this blog:

And what is next?

First of all - I want to find a couple of new developers for this project. If you want to join the project - just contact with me. You can choose any package of these ones. You can implement new featuers, write unit-tests or update documentation. Any help will be appreciated )

And certanly me and the team will implement new features and new code wich you can use in your PHP projects )

Good luck in a new 2022 )

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