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Alex Gurr
Alex Gurr

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mixmello - create remixed versions of your Spotify playlists. Open source.

Introducing mixmello, a free, open source application to create remixed or acoustic versions of your favourite Spotify playlists.

GitHub: github


Frontend: react@latest -- design & logo by me from scratch
Backend: none
APIs: Spotify
Authentication: Spotify OAuth pkce

Things I Learned

Making an app that uses the Spotify API is more work than you think!

  • Spotify's public API has some questionable decisions, including limits on resources but no search functionality. This means you have to chain paginated requests to get items and make a local search.

  • Their development checking team means business. Make sure you read the partner guidelines before build. You get one evaluation per day and the turnaround is slow.

  • If you use any metadata from their API, including art, titles, tracks etc. you must add a Open In Spotify button.

  • pkce is by far the easiest way of authenticating client-side with their API

Open to feedback, suggestions, PRs and any questions you might have!

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Anthony DiPietrantonio

Love this, been wanting something like it / been wanting to build something similar for remixes and/or acoustic versions

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Alex Gurr

Thanks for the idea for acoustic versions! If you'd care to refresh the app, you'll see there's a brand new toggle to enable acoustic remixes.