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Remember your goals will take time

So this week I wanted to talk about something that I feel probably a lot of people go through. And that's when you first set out for a goal you have all this initial burst of motivation. And as time goes on you realize its a lot harder than you thought it was going to be. You may even feel like why is this not happening over night type of thought.

And well sadly as much as I want to say your goal can happen over night and all of the sudden your the next ceo of x company and your raking in millions. Or you landed your dream job. What ever it is its going to take time and your going to have to love the process of getting there. Rather then loving the end goal. And I think the best person to explain this if your interested is look up Gary Vanerchuck. And just listen to his thoughts on enjoying the process.

The reason I even wanted to talk about this topic this week was because I have been grinding away for about the past 8 months. On nothing but math and programming. Which honestly is probably not that long of a time. But it sure seems like it when your studying day in and day out. And throwing as much time into something as you possibly can. And its all to reach my end goal of breaking into the programming industry. I will also say sometimes its going to be really rough. Especially if you watch others who have reached there goals. And I will say another thing stop paying attention. Be happy for them if they are your friends but at the same time keep focused on you. Because your not them and your on your own journey.

Lastly I want to say your not alone in the process just remember there others out there going through the same struggle. So just keep focused and put in as much time as you can. Even the smallest amount will push you that much further to your goal.I mentioned to a friend of mine on twitter the other day who was asking how to work on side projects. After work and how to block that time and so forth. And as I said to this even if you work for 10 15 or 20 minutes its getting something done. And while it may take more time you will get it done. For me I have days where I can only get maybe 15 minutes before work or on my lunch break at work but I take it. And I try to get any thing I can worked on. So over all I would say stay focused on your own goals. And just remember its not a race you will reach your goal in time. Just have patients and remember you are not alone.

As usual thank you for reading and I hope you guys have a good rest of the week.

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Martin Adams • Edited

Really great advice. The thing that I have really taken on board is that there are only two things you control, how you feel about something and what you decide to do with that feeling. Everything else is sort of out of your control.

When you set goals, you tend to do it based on things outside of your control. For example, I want to have a launched a startup with $5K in revenue per month. That's hard, especially when the dip sets in.

Instead, set the goals on your actions, not on the outcome. Let the outcome come naturally. So putting in a minimum of 30 minutes daily to build, always leaving something easy to finish off at the start of a coding session to get into the flow, not having more than 2 days break in a row. These are all in your control.

Real example, I've started producing videos for YouTube again. I got to about 350 subs and I've set myself the challenge of getting to 1000 subs. But I don't really care about the number, because my goal is to release one video every week, and see if that moves the number of subs. I can only fail at not producing videos, but I can't fail at the number of subs, because it wasn't my goal.

I hope that's helpful.

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Alex Gwartney

Yes really great advice as well. Thanks for adding onto this.

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"you are not alone" I like it,We devs will help each other!

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Thoby V ijishakin

Great writeup! Learnt alot.