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Hey @jess - thanks for the tag! Happy to chip in.

Hey @alexiskold - we've met way back in the day! I now organize the Google Developer Group NYC and have run hackathons for a few years now as part of the annual DevFestNYC conference. I also served as a mentor on the SheHacksNYC series which gave me additional useful insights that have helped us be more efficient with our own events since.

Let me know how I can help.

Some areas that need to be mapped out

  • Venue (desks, capacity, WiFi etc.)
  • Sponsors (food, drink, prizes, challenges etc.)
  • Recruitment (invite only? open CFP?)
  • Team formation (the hardest part - even + diverse)
  • Agenda setting (is it a 1-day, 2-day or multi-week event?)
  • Communications (notifications, templates, Slack tips & tricks)
  • Mentors & Judges (based on goals)
  • {Pre-, During-, Post-} Event logistics (forms, feedback)

Once you decide topic, target size of group, and duration - the rest become a checklist for execution.

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