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Alex Merced
Alex Merced

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Ultimate 2021 List of CSS Frameworks and Component Libraries for Angular, React, Vue and Svelte

Styling can be tricky and sometimes it's nice to have some handy CSS classes, Web Components or CSS Classes at the ready to create attractive responsive designs. Below I've aggregated some of the best options in many categories.

General Purpose CSS Frameworks

Minimalist Frameworks

Animation Frameworks (CSS or JS)

Native Web Component Libraries

React Component Library

Vue Component Library

Angular Component Library

Svelte Component Library

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devbambhaniya profile image
Devshi bambhaniya
roblevintennis profile image
Rob Levin

Nice list Alex!

May I suggest an up-and-comer library I recently released called AgnosticUI —

It's using Vue 3 and composition API!

🔥 Available in React, Vue 3, Angular, and Svelte
🙌 Vanilla JavaScript works too!! 😎
🖌️ CSS custom properties-based theming
💪 Clean, semantic, and accessible HTML
💯 Decoupled standards-based CSS (no preprocessing)

jaytonic profile image

Just a point regarding Vue:

  • vue-material-kit is great, but IMHO with 5 month without a commit, 15+ open PR and 200+ issues, doesn't seems alive anymore
  • Vuetify is not compatible with Vue 3
  • Buefy is not compatible with Vue 3
  • Fish UI is not compatible with Vue 3
  • Quasar seems to be really much more than "just" a vue component library, with its own CLI, electron builder, mobile app wrapper, I'm not sure I want to use such big library for a first single app

So do you have a real "ultimate" list for 2021 Vue.Js dev?

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Price-Ng? You mean PrimeNg

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Mohammed Fellak

Great list, thanks

dory profile image

Hi, do you recommend any css frameworks that is best for customisation? I like using css frameworks but don't want my website to so boring!