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Fusion = real-time UIs in Blazor + consistent caching in .NET Core

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Create real-time apps on ASP.NET Core using familiar request-response architecture and new change tracking abstractions from Stl.Fusion. Make your services 1000x faster with Fusion's auto-invalidating cache.

All project updates are published on Gitter; it's also the best place for Q/A.
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What is Fusion?

Fusion is a .NET Core library providing a new change tracking abstraction built in assumption that every piece of data you have is a part of the observable state / model, and since there is no way to fit such a huge state in RAM, Fusion:

  • Spawns the observed part of this state on-demand
  • Holds the dependency graph of any observed state in memory to make sure every dependency of this state triggers cascading invalidation once it gets changed.
  • And finally, it does all of this automatically and transparently for you so Fusion-based code is almost identical to the code you'd write without it.

This is quite similar to what any MMORPG game engine does even though the complete game state is huge, it's still possible to run the game…

Repository's describes what Fusion is and how it works. There is a fair number of samples and interactive tutorial:

Please feel free to ask any questions in comments - I'm the author of this library.

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