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FFmpeg the Easy Way

FFmpeg has many simple and complex options, which can be intimidating at first. So I wanted to create a simple, web-based interface for generating common encoding operations for video and audio, inspired by HandBrake.

ffmpeg-commander is a web-based FFmpeg command generator written in JavaScript using the Vue Framework. It is open source and hosted on GitHub Pages.


ffmpeg-commander supports generating most of the common operations for encoding video, such as the container, codec, video & audio settings, some basic filters and more.

Once the command is generated, you can easily copy the output to your clipboard or save it to the browser's local storage. A few presets are also available as an example.

I'm looking to expand on more general options and filters in the future.


ffmpegd is an optional companion application that connects ffmpeg-commander to ffmpeg by providing a websocket server to send encode tasks and receive realtime progress updates back to the browser. This allows using ffmpeg-commander as a GUI for ffmpeg.

The goal is to provide a simple interface for sending FFmpeg tasks from the browser (and other supported clients in the future) to your local machine.


ffmpegd is written in Go and implements the Gorilla Websockets library.

Please note, this is still considered experimental and a work-in-progress. Feel free to report any bugs at

Hopefully you find these tools helpful for working with FFmpeg. ☺️

Thanks for reading!

Find me on GitHub at: for more video-related projects!

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