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Add search to your Jamstack app in a few clicks

Hello there,

Searching on Netlify has just become much easier with the Algolia for Netlify plugin. It automatically indexes your website to Algolia when deploying your project to Netlify with the Algolia Crawler.

We’re super happy to launch this plugin in a joint effort with Netlify. Find the project here:

Alt Text

This enable users to index their Netlify website, using our custom crawler, as soon as the user deploy. Algolia search excellency in combinaison with the amazing hosting by Netlify in just a few clicks.

How Algolia for Netlify Works:

  • Once a user installs the plugin on their Netlify site, the Algolia Crawler extracts structured data from every page any time a change occurs and indexes the content into Algolia to power the website’s search bar.
  • Algolia hosts and maintains the index in the cloud, allowing developers to build highly-tailored front-end experiences using one of several pre-built UI libraries.
  • The Algolia Crawler plugin can be used for a wide variety of industries —from media to technology— for various use cases, including site search with federated search, filtering, and faceting; documentation search; and customer self-service and support.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and feedback. This plugin is currently in Public Beta and we’re eager to improve, thanks :)

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