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I made a program that can manipulate GitHub activity

disclaimer: I made this project with the aim of having fun and to learn to automate things using the Python language

Have you ever seen the activity timeline on someone's GitHub profile is very green and looks very active and consistent?

Do you want to make your GitHub profile very consistent even though it has been less green in the past?

From this :

To this :


take it easy, I have a solution, you can use a program that I made using Python 3 language, by using this script you can modify the timeline of your activities in the past until now to be very green and consistent.

repository link : GitHub Activity Generator

How to use?

  1. Make sure in your Machine already installed Python 3.6 + and Git.
  2. Make sure Git in in your Machine already configured with Github.
  3. create an empty Github Repository can public or private, but I prefer you to make it private. do not initialize it.
  4. Download the script and open the file in your text editor.
  5. delete the file commit.txt
  6. customize the script in for configuration as you want in here:
total_day = 366 #total days back
commit_frequency = 10 #commit time per day
repo_link = ""
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  1. after the script is already, you just run the script and see the magic.
  2. the script will make a new commit.txt file and make very many commit as you want after the process finished the script will push the repository to GitHub.
  3. after all the process is successful, please press the star for this repository😊.

How the Program Works?

This simple program basically uses a nested while loop, the first loop to move from day to day and the loop inside to do several commits in one day, then in the commit date manipulation this program uses the python datetime module and to switch days using the timedelta function with the parameter number of days which keeps decreasing with every iteration.

while tl > 0:
    ct = commit_frequency
    while ct > 0:
        f = open("commit.txt", "a+")
        l_date = now + datetime.timedelta(days=-pointer)
        formatdate = l_date.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")
        f.write(f"commit ke {ctr}: {formatdate}\n")
        os.system("git add .")
        os.system(f"git commit --date=\"{formatdate} 12:15:10\" -m \"commit ke {ctr}\"")
        print(f"commit ke {ctr}: {formatdate}")
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very simple right?

you can see the complete script in here


thank you for reading my sari article, if there are suggestions, criticisms or questions I am very open to it, please use the comments column

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Alex Halkin

This is nice. I have made something similar also, but in JS where you can define your own "mask" for activity profile. The output is not executed right away, it just generates the change & git add/commit commands which you can run on any repo. It is available as npm module here

brandonwallace profile image

You should make some designs with the green squares.

ddelrio95 profile image
Dario del Rio

Hey, great job! Do you have to un it every day for it to update? How exactly do you have it set it up? Thanks!