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Yep, we have this in comments. Isn't that right, @jess ?

We'll probably have this for posts as well but there are some conceptual bridges to cross first.

Thanks for the thought, you're definitely on the right line of thinking 😁

P.S. We'll need to add client-side autocomplete for names which is not yet available yet even in comments. This is a big part of making mentions useful and intuitive.


Anytime. Ah, yes, the autocomplete would be a great addition. Would you guys consider some sort of UI indication in the current working mention system to show that you actually tagged someone. Maybe change the color of the @mention? As mentioned in @jess 's comment, there's no actual way of telling if you successfully tagged someone until you submit the comment

Still, great work so far . Cheers, keep hacking :D (need to learn how to use emojis here :joy:)

Edit: Unrelated, but noticed the notification's section actually shows that you replied to a post, great feature right there, love it!


Hey @allanjeremy ! Thanks for the note -- we don't currently support mentions within a post, but we do support them in comments.


Hey @jess (incidentally, this does not show that I've actually successfully mentioned you. Had to submit to find out)

Great, no worries. Looking forward to it :)

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