How do you make sure you get paid?

allanjeremy profile image Allan N Jeremy ・1 min read

Let's face it, we've all been down this road; a client/company commits to paying by a certain date but ends up not paying or severely delaying.

You follow up but at some point it feels like you are a nagging individual.

How do you ask for your pay/compensation & ensure you get paid?

How do you deal with clients that don't pay or delay payments?


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The penalty concept seems to curb the delayed payments issue.

negotiate a payment plan that at least gets you some money now, rather than having to wait for a lump-sum at some arbitrary point in the future

Wise. Is this in written form?

Say after negotiations, they agree but ghost afterwards. What further measures would you take?

Also curious, why did you stop running the firm? What did you find to work better for you


Worked for me and some friends: you dont't pay? I put down the website/app I've made you. Easy peazy. It's maybe specific to those particular products when you have control of the CMS, Hosting or something like that, but hey it worked always.


I bet!

What are your thoughts on actually changing it to be a page with the text "the client did not pay for this project"?


Definitely agree with this.

The last part is the one that's usually a challenge at times. How would you go about it assuming they end up not paying even after all this?