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Looking for remote work


I am looking for remote work. If you know anyone looking for Fullstack devs/consultants with cloud experience, feel free to email me @

My github

If this violates any rules, I can take it down @ben

Hey, what's up guys. Been a while since I last posted here.

Anyway, earlier this year, I'd joined a startup as a CTO. However, the other founders ended up going back on their word & I had to leave (more on this in an article I'll write)

That being said. I am currently looking for remote work/consulting work.

I have been coding for the past 9 years. I am a fullstack dev with experience & multiple projects in Nodejs, Vue, PhP, SQL, MongoDb & Firebase among other tools. I am well versed in TDD & system architecture as well as design & game development. I have built systems on MVC, Service based architectures as well as supervised multiple teams of developers to deliver multiple solutions. I am an effective communicator in business, tech & entrepreneurship

If you are looking for someone or know anyone who may looking for a fullstack dev/consultant, please email me @

Thanks a tonne for your time

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lucasprag • Edited

hey Allan, we are hiring remote workers at One of the open positions is Fullstack Engineer, but we also have a position open for Backend Engineer if you'd like that.

We are a loyalty program for small business/stores.

Our stack is basically:

  • Ember.js for some apps
  • React for the part of our app that shows up at our merchants stores
  • Ruby on Rails for back-end with postgresql, redis, Kafka, Sidekiq, influxdb and more

We have several remote workers all over the world and we also sponsor work permit visa if you are interested in moving to the Waterloo region in Ontario, Canada.

I definitely recommend you and anyone interested to check our careers page to see our values and benefits ❤️👍

btw, I'm not a recruiter, but I work there and it's the best company I ever worked with ✅

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Allan N Jeremy

Hey Lucas. Thanks for taking the time! The fact that you'd go as far as recommending them despite not being a recruiter is a huge plus & I do believe it must be an amazing place to work at.

I do not have experience with rails but did a little ruby back in the day. I'll definitely apply later today

Once again, cheers for the recommendation

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Awesome, good luck =)