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Drawing Frankenstein's Monster with CSS

alvaromontoro profile image Alvaro Montoro ・1 min read

Another Halloween-themed illustration done with HTML and CSS. If yesterday it as a little Grim Reaper, today it is Frankenstein's Monster:

While coding it, I realized that it started looking more like the Hulk and less like Frankenstein's monster... I almost changed direction halfway and go with the superhero approach instead of the monster, but I didn't.

The whole drawing process took around one hour. Here there's a 3-minute video of how it was done (at 20x):

A couple of things to do before the next illustration: practice repeating gradients in CSS (had some trouble with them for the stitches, opted for a regular gradient), and revisit Flex (I got confused with align-items and justify-content.)


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Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Extra points for using the correct name/identification!! Frankenstein's monster. 👏

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Peter Vivo

Amazing! I never imagine how can draw image by css, but this video show the process, thx!
( I always draw by hand or tablet so this seems very exciting )

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Dmitry Mineev

Thats amazing! Really. Never thougt that it possible to create something like this with just pure HTML and CSS.

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Robson Quaresma

Wow! Brilliant!