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One year ago, I joined the DEV community. It was kind of random. I wanted to write more often and was testing other platforms too (CodePen and Medium).

DEV's editor seemed easier to use, and the community larger and welcoming... although I must admit that I was a bit wary, as my first impression was of DEV as a techy version of BuzzFeed.

Fun fact: one of the reasons why I opted for DEV was because I was thinking of developing a personal blog, and it allowed a canonical link... and then I barely ever used that option 😅

My initial monthly goal was writing 2 posts and recording a video... and while I miserably failed at the video part –I'm too self-aware of my voice, and the few videos I recorded are boooooring and only have elevator music–, the writing part was a little bit more successful:

  • 60 written posts.
  • 55 published posts.
  • 200 received comments.
  • 250 written comments.

DEV being such a nice platform for blogging and writing, encouraged me to write even more than I initially expected. And in the process, I had to do research, reading, and a lot of learning... which is nice.

So, thanks DEV for providing the platform and the community... And here it is for one more year of writing 🥂

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🎉 Congrats on 1 year! 55 published posts is solid!!


That is impressive! How did you stay motivated to write and publish consistently?


To be honest, I was not too consistent. Even when it comes up to be around one article per week, sometimes I wrote 8 articles in a week, and sometimes I didn't write for a month. I'd love to do something like Chris Ferdinandi –writing a post per day–, but I don't think I'm close to that.

Consistency is so tough. Do you sit on any posts or just post them as fast as you write them?

I try to leave them at least overnight. Although the temptation to publish them immediately has won sometimes.


Congrats 🙂 I also joined DEV a year ago but my writing journey has just started. Its my 3rd week of publishing a blog post and I am enjoying writing already 😊


Congrats on your writing anniversary! Keep up the good work going forward towards another year!


Congratulations! That is inspiring :-)


What an amazing record for one year!