If you were given the chance, what advice would you give your younger self?

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I've been ruminating over things I could have done when I was younger, and what I can do now, to deepen my understanding of technology and code. Now I'm wondering, what would you tell your younger self if you had the chance?

I would tell my younger self to dig deeper into that CSS, damn it. Understand it. Break it apart. And hopefully create.

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Advice you hear from your elders is what your future self would tell you if he/she had opportunity.

I wanna read the long version :
I am a student so I didn't went too deep down the road just yet. If I went back in time to give some advice to myself, I would encourage myself to do what I am doing now and I WOULD ENCOURAGE MY(PAST)SELF TO LISTEN TO EXPERIENCES AND ADVICE OF OTHERS.
I don't know how present would be if I went a different path in the past. There have been times in the past I wish I never lived but I am also scared it would be much worse. I am happy that I am surrounded by experienced people who I can learn from.

I try to live by these 2 sayings:

  1. Experience is the best teacher.
  2. Smart person learns from his/her mistakes/experience, smarter person learns from others' mistakes/experience.

I've heard it said countless times before that surrounding yourself with people you aspire to be is a big step towards growth. I think it relates to what you're saying here, which I absolutely agree with.

I wish I hadn't been afraid of making mistakes and failing. It's only recently that I've understood that failure can be an opportunity to grow and learn.


"You can learn anything you want. Put the effort and it will pay off."

That would have saved me countless of hours procrastinating because I found programming difficult to learn at first...

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