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Help me decide on a meta attribute for dev bookmarks

Dear community,

I need your help making up my mind whether to add an optional level attribute to bookmarks on There is a Github issue for the topic for quite some time.

Thus you could search for public articles marked for beginners, intermediates or advanced for example. And even with your private bookmarks, it might help you decide which one to read when you bookmarked more links to the same topic.

My biggest concern is it will "bloat" the Save bookmark form, also used by the Google Chrome Extension with a new field:
to level or not to level

that might not get used. But hey, we are agile and can easily undo it, right?

And if I do add it, should I also display the level attribute on the public bookmarks at

What are your thoughts? Would it be useful to you, knowing the knowledge level for your bookmarks? Please answer in the comments below.

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