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Top 10 posts to Master Basic Machine Learning on DEV

" A breakthrough in Machine Learning would be worth ten Microsofts" -Bill Gates

The above quote from Bill Gates emphasizes the importance of Machine Learning and why should we know about it. It is technology one must be aware of and at least know the basics. In the near future, most of our devices are going to be affected by this technology.

As we know that first a baby learns to crawl, then it gradually walks and after a fair amount of time it starts to run. This process is also reflected in the learning of any new technology.

So here I am presenting 10 best posts from DEV which will help you take the baby steps in learning Machine Learning. Slowly and gradually we will be at a stage where we will be building huge Machine Learning models and deploying it in the real world.

Introduction and Summary

This post beautifully explains the Machine Learning terms and summarizes them with the help of infographics. It has covered almost all the definitions of Machine Learning.

Meeting the ML algorithms

This post has introduced us to the 5 most popular Machine Learning algorithms namely Linear regression, Logistic regression, Naive Bayes, KNN, and Random forest.

First ML algorithm you learn

Linear regression is the first algorithm that most of us learn during our course of learning ML. In this post the author has very elegantly and concisely explained this algorithm.

The more you learn the better you are

This post is another gem from the vast sea of blogs of DEV. It has gracefully described another ML algorithm K-Means Clustering. It is one of the most popular unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms.

Tools are a must

How has the discovery of wheel affected the human evolution? Answering this question helps us identify the importance of tools in our life. scikit-learn is a must-know tool for ML beginners. This is a basic guide to the scikit-learn python library.

What goes behind Machine Learning

Machine learning is basically Mathematics and Statistics in disguise. We must know mathematics to better understand the concepts of ML.

A complete meal

The above mentioned posts are just small size appetizers. Here I present to you the complete meal. This 7 part series will help you master the basics in one go. It has all the components mixed well enough to fulfill your hunger for knowledge on ML.

The other BIG guy

Neural networks is another entity that must be mastered to become an ML expert. This two-part series alluringly explains Artificial Neural Networks and then gradually progresses to Convolutional Neural Networks, which is the most heavily used image classification algorithm. It's a must-read post and need of the hour.

Talk of the town

Here the author has nicely described the deep learning algorithms and its uses. Deep learning is the talk of the town in ML community. It is the newest but mostly used member of ML models.

Lets apply our LEARNING

After a lot of theoretical and basic content, it's now our turn to make our hands dirty by engaging in some practicality. This post has a collection of ML models for beautiful small projects which you can try to build yourself.

I have tried my level best to bring cherry-picked content for the people of #DEVCommunity who are interested in Machine Learning. Happy Learning and please don't forget to upvote and bookmark this post if you liked it.

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Thanks @lizziepika @sri07spec @lorrli274 @taillogs @duomly @rohitpatil5 @apoorvadave @nestedsoftware @trekhleb for contributing such awesome Machine Learning posts on DEV

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mayank joshi

Great post @amananandrai

I loved the transition and the flow. You described important topics with a highlighted best ML post from the DEV.

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Thanks @mayankjoshi . Glad you liked it.

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Good post, I hope you will keep creating great content!
Thanks for including Duomly into your mind :)