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How I created a translator web app using HTML,CSS and JAVASCRIPT

There are three things that are needed for an application-input,processing and output.For processing in this app means translation.We will be using funtranslation api which returns translated content.

Funtranslations API

There are so many translation languages available which can be used for translations.Here we will be using minion language and to get response from the api we need to send the url in the given format-
Alt Text

Taking user input

For any translator app, the first thing needed is the user's input so we that using textarea tag of HTML.
Alt Text

Processing user input

For processing which is done in our app.js, we reference textarea in javascript using document.querySelector()

Alt Text

Now we have reference to input and to extract the value from this we will use textInp.value.But first, we will make a function to get our translation url which we will be using it to fetch translated text from the server using the funtranslations api
Alt Text

Here serverUrl is the base url which is required for API. Now a fetch function which gets the translated text and displays output using innerText on an output element also referenced using document.querySelector()

Alt Text

Translated output to the user

We will create a div that has no text and will show output after processing when the button is clicked.

Alt Text

Button referenced in the script and added an event listener addEventListener() on it which waits for a click on the button and then calls our clickHandler function.

Alt Text

To check the live demo of this app you can go to Banana app
Also I have created a repo on github.

This is my first blog. Suggestions are welcome from all of you. Thank You.

To know more about me, you can connect with me on Twitter.

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Good one.