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I doubt that. If you're worried about getting new followers everyday without contributing much to the website (e.g. I don't write articles that much yet I get 2-3 followers every day or two), there were discussions about that already:

When i registered using twitter, i had to unfollow 50accounts to get bell clean, annoying

Sorry about the issue. When you sign up you can toggle whether to follow the suggestions. We'll work to make the whole thing more clear and helpful.

Classic DEV Post from Jun 20

What are some good questions for a "State of the Web" survey?

We're planning on putting out a little survey about the web. We have a few questions in mind, but we'd love a few more.

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Google Summer of Code Intern @ TEAMMATES, National University of Singapore. Open Source Community Member at DuckDuckGo. love to play with web technologies and create great user experiences.
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