Planning to start a YouTube channel, need suggestions

amartyadev profile image Amartya Gaur ・1 min read

I am planning to start a YouTube channel with tutorials on any of the following:

  • Django + Flutter (Can be a series of a full stack application).
  • Machine Learning + Django Application (From developing a model to applying it in a real scenario)

Fields I am comfortable with:

  • Web Development (Django or Spring Boot)
  • Mobile Application Development (Flutter)
  • ML (Python with all them libraries)
  • Basic Image processing (With python)
  • A bit of devops (Making a kubernetes cluster, deploying a web app etc.)
  • Scheduling with crons and recurring tasks (airflow or celery)
  • BigChain DB with Django (experimental not sure how perfect because here security is involved).

Please let me know what of these will be helpful to you. Waiting for your comments .......


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Those all sound like big complex collections of stuff. Have you considered starting at the beginning? Why would you need these technologies? What are the problems or ideas that lead people to create these things?

Beginning Flutter or ML sounds like something that would be more helpful than teaching someone to scaffold out big apps. In our experience - "build an app with a bunch of frameworks" usually just hurts people vs teaching small universal topics.


Noted, once I start I will probably concentrate on the problem then the things we could use to solve it and then start building something from scratch......


It's just pretty rough when people are like: "Ok... so, check your node version - but don't use npm ... use nvm because there's a problem with brew - and anyway you need a package-manager manger and also get the repo pulled down but note that the latest branch is broken so - just ignore that / and the...."

Agreed it's better to lay out the concepts and the reason to use a particular thing..... Thanks for your suggestion.


Please start a youtube channel with Django + Flutter (series of full stack application) starting with basics of how to begin for beginners. And may be SQL integration with the same.

Take a sample food review or instagram clone website and build it up from scratch. I am a beginner and I would love to see them as both Django + Flutter are relatively new and are unexplored together.


Agreed, they are unexplored together ... Thanks for the suggestion


I definitely want to see the big chain dB tutorial.


Sure I will try to cover that